The new rewards programme we created for you.
Start collecting tokens
Now, when you explore your Movistar world, you gain rewards.
Talk to Aura, activate our free service Conexión Segura to surf risk-free or identify yourself with the QR code in Movistar shops, and generate tokens progressively. You can exchange them for new movies on Movistar Plus+, unlimited data bonuses, and soon, much more!
And remember that just for being a Movistar customer you generate tokens for the time you have been with us.
Discover Movistar Tokens. Generate tokens, share and redeem them for exclusive Movistar services.
This is how it works
1. Access the mobile app Mi Movistar
Have you still not downloaded Mi Movistar? Get it!
2. Go to My Products
Select 'My tokens' and learn about how you can generate them.
3. Generate tokens!
Accumulate tokens progressively by carrying out the actions in this section.
4. Enjoy your tokens
In 'Redeem tokens' you can view the exclusive rewards catalogue for this programme.
Also available through Movistar Plus+ on your television!
Access the "See my tokens" section in the Mis Tokens Living App and get tokens by playing family games.
Movistar services want to enrich your world. Explore them!
Take control
Take control
Your privacy and security are very important to us. You decide how to manage them.
There is a new simpler and quicker way of connecting to Movistar. Try it out!
Support new environmental initiatives and other social projects. Be part of the change.
Help us to improve our services by giving us your opinion. Share your experience with other users.
Transform your tokens
You decide when and how to redeem your tokens.
Transform your tokens into rewards
Enjoy the best Movistar Plus+ content
By redeeming your tokens, you can rent new film releases, access more TV channels, or experience sport to the fullest from the comfort of your home with Movistar LaLiga or Champions League.
Browse with no limit
With your tokens, take advantage of unlimited data bonus for 48 hours, or 1GB to consume within 7 days, on any of your contracted lines

Movistar Tokens is the new rewards programme to make the most of your Movistar world.

You can redeem your tokens for any of the rewards in the programmes exclusive catalogue. Among them, you can get a bonus of unlimited data for 48 hours or, if you prefer, 1GB for 7 days. You can also exchange your tokens for the best Movistar Plus+ content thanks to movie rental vouchers and access to channels such as Movistar Estrenos, Stingray Classica, Movistar LaLiga, Movistar Liga de Campeones, Movistar Series, Mezzo, Caza y Pesca, or Iberalia TV.

Movistar Tokens is available to all Residential and Self-Employed miMovistar or Fusión customers. You can find the access to 'My tokens' from your Mi Movistar App, in the 'My Products' or 'Explore' section.

If the contract holder has already activated the programme, all the associated mobile lines will be able to access the main functionalities of the programme: consult the home page, see the tokens generated in 'My balance' and access the catalogue in 'Redeem tokens'.
In addition, the associated lines have the possibility to perform some actions to generate tokens.

To generate tokens, go to your mobile app Mi Movistar, access the 'My tokens' section within 'My Products' and in the 'Generate tokens' section perform the available actions such as talking to Aura, activating the free service Conexión Segura or identifying yourself in our shops using the QR code, among others. By doing so, you will start adding tokens progressively.

All your Movistar lines generate tokens and are accumulated in the contract holder´s account only. Only the contract holder can redeem the tokens.

You can see the tokens you generate, share and redeem in the mobile app Mi Movistar, on the main 'My tokens' screen, under 'My balance' and you can also check your progress in each of the five categories in the 'Generate tokens' section.
Remember that tokens are generated daily or weekly depending on the type of action you perform.

If you are the contract holder, you can redeem your tokens in the mobile app Mi Movistar itself, by accessing 'My Products', 'My tokens' and selecting one of the rewards available in the 'Redeem tokens' section.
You can also redeem your tokens for the best Movistar Plus+ content.

You can view this information from the 'My orders' section under 'Profile' in the mobile apps Mi Movistar; the redemptions you make will not appear on your bill.

The value of a Movistar token is set based on the commitment you show with the actions you carry out within the programme and the rewards available. You can redeem your tokens for exclusive direct rewards within the Movistar world, such as channels and movies on Movistar Plus+ or data bonus.

Your tokens have no expiration date, once you generate them, you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Yes, the contract holder can share tokens with another contract holder. From the mobile app Mi Movistar, go to 'My Products', 'My tokens' and access the 'My balance' section using the 'Transfer' feature that appears just below your accumulated tokens at the top of the screen. You cannot transfer more tokens than are available in your balance and the recipient of the tokens must also belong to the Movistar Tokens programme.

The following instructions show you how to deactivate the services contracted through 'My tokens':

'Conexión Segura'
You can deactivate Conexión Segura by following these steps:

  • Go to the 'My Products' section in your mobile app Mi Movistar
  • Click on 'Manage Service' in the 'Conexión Segura' section
  • Click on the 'Deactivate' button

Movistar Cloud
You can deactivate Movistar Cloud by following these steps:

  • Access the Movistar Cloud App
  • Tap on the icon on the upper left side to open the side menu
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Go to the 'Storage' tab
  • Tap on the 'Unsuscribe' button

If you are the contract holder, you can unsubscribe through the mobile app Mi Movistar. Go to the bottom of the main 'My tokens' screen under 'See frequently asked questions', then go to 'See more' in the 'Terms and conditions' section and then click on the 'Unsubscribe' button.

If you no longer meet the requirements described in the programmes Terms and Conditions, you will no longer be able to participate in the programme and will no longer be able to log in.
If you meet the requirements again, you will be able to access the programme again and continue to generate tokens with the activated actions.