The loyalty program that offers rewards to customers for exploring the options offered by the Movistar universe.

Start earning tokens

Now, when you explore your Movistar world, you gain rewards.
Talk to Aura, activate our free service Conexión Segura to surf risk-free or participate in the different quizzes offered from the Living App My tokens, and generate tokens progressively. You can exchange them for numerous prizes such as premiere movies on Movistar Plus+, exclusive discounts or participate in unique raffles.
In addition, for being a Movistar customer you will get tokens for the time you have been with us.
Discover Movistar Tokens. Generate tokens, share and redeem them for exclusive Movistar services.

This is how it works

1. Access the mobile app Mi Movistar
Have you still not downloaded Mi Movistar? Get it!
2. Go to My profile
Select 'My tokens' and learn about how you can generate them.
3. Collect tokens!
Generate tokens progressively with each of the actions you will discover in this section.
4. Enjoy your tokens
In 'Use tokens' you can view the exclusive rewards catalogue for this programme.
Also available through Movistar Plus+ on your television!
Access the Mis tokens Living App and get tokens playing as a family.
Movistar services want to enrich your world. Explore them!
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You decide how to contact us.

Transform your tokens

You decide when and how to redeem your tokens.
Transform your tokens into rewards
Enjoy the best Movistar Plus+ content
Using your tokens you can rent premiere movies or watch more TV channels.
Surf without limits
With your tokens, take advantage of unlimited data bonus for 48 hours, or 1GB to consume within 7 days, on any of your contracted lines.
Participate in exclusive draws
You can redeem your tokens to participate in raffles for unique experiences or fantastic prizes.

Movistar Tokens is Movistars loyalty program through which you can enjoy the different rewards that you will find in the program's catalog or access unique experiences simply for being our customer.

Movistar Tokens is available for Movistar Residential and Self-Employed customers who are holders of a Telefónica de España product and have access to the mobile app Mi Movistar. You may find access to 'Movistar Tokens from your mobile app Mi Movistar, in the 'Offers' section.

Its very simple, you just have to go to the My tokens section from your Mi Movistar App, click on “Start now” and follow the process that we indicate. In just two steps you will already be adding tokens and enjoying the advantages of our Program. Only contract holders can register in Movistar Tokens.

At the moment it is only available to the contract holder. If you have an associated line, you are offered the option of accessing the Tokens program as a holder by identifying yourself with the NIF/NIE/CIF/Passport and password of the contract holder.

To generate tokens go to your My Movistar mobile app, access the 'Movistar Tokens' section in 'Profile' and in the 'Get tokens' section perform the different actions available such as talking to Aura, activate the free Secure Connection service or be aware of the news by accepting the communication permissions among others. You can also earn tokens from the My tokens Living App by playing the different quizzes available. In this way, you start generating tokens progressively.

All your Movistar lines generate tokens and are accumulated only in the contract holders account. Only the contract holder can redeem or use the tokens.

You can see the tokens you generate, share and redeem from the mobile app Mi Movistar, in the main 'Movistar Tokens' screen, under 'My wallet'.
Tokens are generated daily or weekly depending on the type of action you perform.

If you are the contract holder, you can use your tokens in the mobile app Mi Movistar itself, accessing 'Profile', 'My tokens' and selecting one of the rewards available in the 'Use tokens' section. The products in the TV content catalog can also be redeemed from the TV itself, in the Movistar Plus+ environment.
In addition, as a contract holder you are also able to participate in draws and qualify for direct discounts, prizes and exclusive experiences. In case of winning any of the draws, the tokens corresponding to the prize will be exchanged. On the other hand, access to direct discounts in third parties does not require the redemption of tokens.

Once you have redeemed your tokens for the bonus of your choice (1 movie or 2 movies), you can now go to your TV (via decoder) and use this bonus. It is important to bear in mind that the rental movie bonus can only be used from the TV through your decoder, not from the browser or other devices on which you have Movistar Plus +. Once you have used your voucher on TV, you can enjoy this content from other devices, in addition to the TV.

The 1 movie rental bonus and 2 movie rental bonus rewards are only valid for movies from the Movistar+ catalog with prices of €1.99 and €4.99, excluding all other prices. Once the tokens are exchanged for the voucher, the payment against the rental voucher will appear available on the TV. If it does not appear available when renting the film, and it only offers the possibility of payment against invoice, it means that this film is not compatible with the voucher, and you must look for another film from the rental catalog, with the prices indicated above. Keep in mind that movie rental vouchers have a duration of 1 month.

In the programme catalog you can redeem your tokens for direct rewards such as data or TV products. In addition, you can participate in raffles and qualify for exclusive rewards and experiences. Exclusive direct discounts at third parties do not require redemption of tokens.

You are able to check the redemptions for immediate data or TV rewards from the 'My orders' section in your 'Profile' in the mobile app Mi Movistar.

As in the exchange of tokens for prizes, only the Movistar contract holder can participate in the draws and will automatically participate with all his lines. The number of lines in your name will coincide with the number of participations in the draw.

You can participate in the draws from the 'Use tokens' section in the programme´s prize catalog, where you can see the active promotions available and the tokens required to participate in each one of them. By selecting the draws or raffles you are interested in, you will be able to start the participation process. You will automatically participate with all your lines, which will coincide with the number of participations in the draws, and your tokens will be retained.
If you are a winner, you will receive a phone call from 1004 or an email indicating the steps to follow for the acceptance of the prize and the tokens corresponding to the prize will be deducted. If you are not a winner, the withheld tokens will be returned to your balance.

As specified in the Legal Bases, the winners are selected anonymously and absolutely randomly by electronic means, through the functionality available for this purpose in Movistar´s content manager, with total transparency and without any intervention by Telefónica in the selection of the winners.

Winners will be published in the mobile app Mi Movistar, along with the description of the draws in question, approximately one week after the end of the draws.

In compliance with the regulations governing Personal Income Tax, any prize won in a raffle or draw is subject to taxation under said tax, as it is a capital gain obtained with tax implications. Therefore, the winners will see the value of the prizes received reflected in their income tax return corresponding to the year of enjoyment of the prize, as a withholding in kind and in accordance with that specified in the Legal Bases of the draws.

The value of the Movistar tokens is fixed according to the commitment you demonstrate with the actions you perform within the programme and the rewards available. You can redeem your tokens for exclusive direct rewards within the Movistar world or for raffle prizes, if you win by participating.

Your tokens have no expiration date, once you generate them, you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Yes, the contract holder can share tokens to another contract holder. From the mobile app Mi Movistar, go to 'Offers', 'Movistar Tokens' and access the 'My wallet' section using the 'Make transfer' functionality that appears just below your accumulated tokens at the top of the screen. You cannot transfer more tokens than are available in your balance and the recipient of the tokens must also belong to the Movistar Tokens programme.

To deactivate the contracted services in Movistar Tokens, follow the instructions:

Secure Connection.
You can deactivate Secure Connection by following these steps:

  • Go to the 'My Products' section in your mobile app Mi Movistar.
  • Click on 'Manage Service' in the 'Secure Connection' section.
  • Click on the 'Deactivate' button.

Movistar Cloud
You can deactivate Movistar Cloud by following these steps:

  • Go to the Movistar Cloud App
  • Click on the icon at the top left to open the side menu
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Go to the 'Storage' tab
  • Click on the 'End subscription' button

If you no longer meet the requirements described in the programmes Terms and Conditions, you will no longer be able to participate in the programme and will no longer be able to log in.
If you meet the requirements again, you will be able to access the programme again and continue to generate tokens with the activated actions.

If you are the contract holder, you can unsubscribe from the mobile app Mi Movistar at any time. To do so, access the 'My profile' section in My Movistar, go to 'My tokens' and go to 'Help'. Then go to the 'Terms and Conditions' section and click on the 'Unsubscribe' button.

If you have any questions or incidents, you can send them to us via WhatsApp from the link that you will find in the programme or through our Social Networks.